This Baskit offers a combination of classic flavors! A thoughtful gift filled with gourmet spreads, butter pretzels, sea salt caramels, indulgent chocolate, and other delights that anyone at the office or at home would love to receive. One of our top sellers for over 30 years with more savory than sweet treats for those with less of a sweet tooth.


  • Mimi & Liloo Fresh Milk Chocolate 80g
  • Provisions' Red Pepper Jelly
  • Provisions' Parmesan & Rosemary Shortbreads
  • Dorians handmade BBQ flavoured baked crackers
  • Beer Buddies Pretzels in Bag with Bow
  • McCrea's Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt Caramel
  • D&D Honey Nuts -100g

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