Canadiana XL

Share the very best of gourmet Canada with our newly designed Canadiana which arrives in a beautifully hand-crafted wooden base with sliding lid and showcases incredible gifts from Canada’s own Crackle & Pop, Mimi and Liloo, hatch, Fraktals, Sweetsmith and much more.


  • Cookie it Up!'s Chocolate Shortbread - 80g
  • Pluck Canadian Maple
  • Sweetsmith's English Toffee Caramel
  • Sweetsmith's Smokey Bacon Peanut Brittle
  • Fraktals' Milk Chocolate Buttercrunch - 100g
  • Voisins 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup
  • Mimi & Liloo Maple Crunch Chocolate Bar
  • Crackle & Pop's Buffalo BBQ Kettle Chips - 150g
  • hatch "Columbia" Blend Coffee
  • Salted Fancy Salt Mix
  • Mary MacLeods handmade all-butter maple shortbread cookies
  • Mary Macleod's Handmade
  • All-butter Shortbread Cookies - 2pc
  • Maple Syrup Label Wine paper embossed gold foil
  • Pluck Tea's Canadian Maple Loose Leaf Tea
  • Pancake Mix wine paper embossed
  • Original Nut Mix
  • Keepsake Wooden Box with Lid
  • Baskits Maple Seal
  • Me Mums Traditional Pancake Mix
  • Crackle & Pop's Sea Salt Kettle Chips - 150g

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