Champlain L

Perfect for Sharing with 7-8+ people, this awe inspiring gift is filled with a mix of premium goodies! Featuring handmade shortbread, mouth-watering Peanut Brittle from Dabble & Drizzle, indulgent chocolates and much more, Champlain is one of our very best sellers!


  • Dabble & Drizzle's Butter Almond "Amandinos"
  • Dabble & Drizzle's Chocolate Covered Biscuits
  • Gluten-Free Butterscotch
  • Sweetsmith's Strawberry Shortcake Brittle
  • Newfoundland Chocolate Co Coffee Hazelnut Bar
  • Mary Macleod's Handmade
  • All-butter Shortbread Cookies - 4pc
  • Godiva Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar
  • Peanut Brittle
  • Dabble & Drizzle's Milk Chocolate Café Latte Almonds - 120g
  • Keepsake Planter with Handes
  • Crackle & Pop's Sea Salt Kettle Chips - 150g
  • Crackle & Pop's Sweet Salty Popcorn - 40g
  • Dabble & Drizzle's Peanut Brittle - 100g

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