Silk Arrangement - Diana

Charming and sophisticated, our silk floral arrangement, Diana, is an ode to England’s rose with soft tones and distinguished beauty. Featuring the most stunning Westminster roses and two-toned hydrangeas, this piece is short stemmed and hand-set in a rustic wooden vase. Perfect for center pieces, home or office décor and more, this arrangement makes the perfect gift of everlasting elegance – so beautiful, you may even love them as a gift to yourself.

Flawlessly life-like, our high end silk floral arrangements will never wilt, fray or die and defy the need for water changing, trimming, disposal as well as ongoing costs of replacement. A luxurious statement piece for any space, each silk flower arrangement is hand-crafted and set perfectly in a thoughtfully selected vessel for an everlasting display of beauty. Not only do our silk flowers last forever, they’re affordable; comparable to purchasing real flowers many times over! What’s even more astonishing to these silk arrangements looking undeniably life-like, with the latest technology, they actually feel real too! Fascinating, in all of their beauty, these pieces are perfect for interior design, events and gifts - you truly have to see them for yourself!


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