Goccia Trio

It all starts with an exceptional grape. A sweet, white grape that is grown in the rolling hills of Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The grape is pressed slowly and gradually to extract the most beautiful must. With no added ingredients, the must is cooked on open flame and set aside to cool during winter. Come spring, it is decanted and placed inside carefully selected casks (wood barrels) where it ages naturally to perfection. The result is an exquisite balsamic with a soft, penetrating fragrance, pleasant acidity and characteristic bouquet in reflection to the type of wood in which it was prepared. These 8 and 10-year balsamic vinegars are best drizzled over fish and cooked meats, raw vegetables, fruits, salads, rice, and cheese. They also fair beautifully when blended with olive oil for dressing or to create a dipper for fresh, homemade bread. Presented together in a beautiful wooden crate, this elegant trio is a beautiful gift for any occasion and food-lovers alike.


  • 2x Goccia 8yr Aged Balsalmic Vinegar (100ml)
  • Goccia 10yr Aged Balsalmic Vinegar (100ml)

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