Kosher Nut Free

100% certified Kosher, Nut-Free and filled with an assortment of premium goodies! This baskit is overflowing with selections from some of our favorite boutique brands. From Crackle & Pop’s Sweet Salty Popcorn to Mimi and Liloo’s creamy chocolate bars this is the perfect gift for anyone observing a Kosher diet, or simply a lover of snacks!


  • Cookie it Up's Salted Caramel Crunch
  • Mimi & Liloo Cinnamon Dark Chocolate 80g
  • Mimi & Liloo Tropic Coconut Chocolate 80g
  • Mimi & Liloo Green Tea White Chocolate 80g
  • Mimi & Liloo Fresh Milk Chocolate 80g
  • Cookie it Up's Ginger Molasses
  • New Moon Tea Hisbiscus Punch Tea

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